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June 3, 2015

Worcester MA | Gourmet Cupcakes | The Queen’s Cups

I met Renee back in 2013 while shooting my second ever wedding as a lead photographer (Brianna and Jarrod, love you guys!).  I was sitting down eating dinner when the worst thing that could have happened did: an entire tray of cupcakes fell off the pile being carried in.  As (bad) luck would have it, these were the bride’s favorites of course.  However, Brianna’s bad luck became my EXTREMELY good luck because I not only started talking to Renee to see if I could help, but Renee gave me now smeared and smushed cupcakes to take home.  Let me tell you, chocolate raspberry cupcakes with fresh raspberries inside still taste just fine no matter what shape they’re in!

Fast forward two years and Renee’s business, The Queens Cups, has taken off.  It is incredibly exciting to see another person and their business in the wedding industry grow so much so quickly.  I’m very happy to introduce you too all of the hard workers on her team in the pictures: Renee King, Barb King, Paul King Sr., Abby West, Becca Rose, Emily Charbonneau and Payton Bruegger.

The Queens Cups create new flavors all the time and they are rotated regularly through the store.  Here’s a quick sample, but the list and possibilities are endless.  You can check on the latest flavors by visiting The Queens Cups on Facebook, checking their website The Queens Cups and you can also follow them on Instagram using The Queens Cups using the hashtags #thequeenscups and #TQCorDie.

Peanut Butter Cookie Dough

Red Velvet

Strawberry Milkshake

Very Vanilla

Kit Kat Sundae

Strawberry Margarita

Chocolate Chip Cookie Crumb

Each and every cupcake is made from scratch, and whether you are planning a wedding, birthday party, graduation or baptism The Queens Cups can accommodate your occasion.  Please think about stopping by the shop in Milbury, MA if you are in the area, I can promise you it’s worth the drive!  I had a great time at the shop and certainly won’t forget the laughs or Barb’s selfie stick anytime soon.  I can’t wait to see this group again for more laughs and more cupcakes!




xoxo Jen Araya





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