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November 25, 2015

How a Game of ‘Words With Friends’ Turned Into An Engagement | Fall Engagement | Jen Araya Photography

My future sister in law and brother asked if I would photograph their engagement session the day they got engaged, what an honor!  I like to start at the beginning, so I have to ask if you remember when the game ‘Words with Friends?’  Everyone was playing this game!  We all went to high school in Ashland, MA and Matt and Ashley met playing this game over the app.  Fast forward to this past May.  My brother called me and asked if we could help them move a piece of furniture.  I did not think anything of it, but when we arrived I saw other cars in the driveway which was my first and only red flag.  We walked in and Ashley said ”We are Engaged, hi new sister in law!”  I knew that my brother was shopping but didn’t know when, so it was a great surprise and very exciting.

We had tried to schedule their engagement session several times during the summer , but we just couldn’t find a day that worked.  Once we decided to move it to the Fall, of course the weather didn’t cooperate so we moved it again to the end of October.  This time, we had a little more luck and we began to think about potential locations.  Matt and Ashley had a location in mind, and my husband actually came home one day and mentioned he’d found a possible spot to shoot as well.  We took a drive to both locations, and after seeing the place my husband found we knew that was the spot.  Of course it was freezing cold that day, but they were troopers!

Once that morning arrived, the outfits were lined up and we nailed the engagement shoot.  We had a really fun time and even used a scrabble board to represent how they met playing the game Words with Friends.  They are getting married next July at Lake Pearl in Wrentham, MA.  We are all very excited for this special day, and I know tt will be here before we know it.

I love that no matter what Matt and Ashley know I will be here for them!  As we had prepared for their engagement session they asked for some advice on picking out outfits.  Some may think it’s not a big detail, but being involved in some of the smaller details like picking out clothes means so much to me!  I cherish my brothers and will do ANYTHING for them, and when they need my help I will be there in a second.  We can’t wait for your wedding day; enjoy being engaged because it truly is the best feeling in the world!  I will be there every step of the way to make sure they have an amazing wedding experience.

Xoxo Jen Araya


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  1. Brittany K says:

    These are all so great! What sweet, fun pictures – love the ones of the scrabble game and her ring…and of course, their sweet pup!

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