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March 11, 2016

Leo Turns 1 | Tougas Farm | Northborough, MA

Leo Turns One

How exciting it is to celebrate your child turning one!  I haven’t had children of my own quite yet, but I remember my cousins turning one and it’s such an amazing time (if you can’t tell from my Instagram feed I love cousin time!).  They are starting to talk, understand more, laugh, possibly even walking at one.  There are so many new things that they learn seemingly all at once.  Leo is a special little man!  He completes Audrie and Mark’s life.  I’ve known Mark since grade school, we grew up together.  His wife Audrie I’ve always remembered and loved her too.  They are an amazing couple and their family is now complete with Leo.

For this shoot, we met up at Tougas Farm in Northborough, MA on a sunny but brisk day.  Mark and Audrie were looking for a pumpkin patch, and Tougas Farm has one and also apple picking.  Who doesn’t love apple picking?  The weather was in our favor because the sun was shining during their family portrait shoot.  Leo was a little man and of course loving all of the attention.  Picture 3 adults singing playing peek a boo to get a baby to laugh or smile.  It was fun and I will do whatever it takes to your kids to smile.  

We didn’t know was coming was on our drives home: it started SNOWING!  It was only October but welcome to New England!  You never know what Mother Nature has planned.  

I had a great time catching up with Mark & Audrie and meeting little Leo for the first time.  Enjoy some of my favorite pictures from their family portrait session.  You have to check out the sneakers!  From what I heard it took a long time to get those on his feet.  Leo I hope you had an amazing birthday and can’t wait to see you grow!  

Xoxo Jen Araya



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