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March 22, 2016

Whistler | Vacation | Canada | Bucket List

Whistler.  Just writing that makes me smile!  Back in November I had a crazy idea, and proposed it to my husband.  Getting ready for work one morning I said “I know we want to have kids, but since we aren’t quite there yet why don’t we cross a trip off the bucket list?  Why not go to Whistler this year?”  It’s been a dream of his to ski there for years, and he had always wanted to go with one of his oldest friends from high school.  Later that week, we got on the phone with Brian and he was in. It was a go!  This became a very special trip for two reasons.  Brian, my husband’s friend from high school, was also the Officiant at our wedding and any time spent with him is always fun.  Second, Sean had been traveling for work every week in February so it was really nice for us to be able to have this time away!


The trip itself started VERY early since we had a flight at 6 AM.  At 2:30am we rolled out of the house and were off to the airport, first to Minneapolis and then on our final leg to Vancouver, British Columbia.  Once we’d landed we had a little over a two hour bus ride up to Whistler-Blackcomb, but what a ride that was.  Vancouver is a beautiful city and the majority of the ride is along the Pacific Coastline.  Hard to beat those views!  Once we’d arrived we were thrilled to see that our choice for lodging was a good one.  We stayed at The Aspens on the Blackcomb base, and it was perfect.  It was ski on/ski off and about a fifteen minute walk or five minute bus ride to Whistler Village.  We did a little exposing that first day and then it was time to ski Whistler-Blackcomb!

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to doubting myself a little that first time we went up the slopes.  It was definitely a little intimidating and I thought “What have I gotten myself into?!?!?!”  They were rated as the Number 1 overall resort for 2016 and let me tell you, they lived up to it and then some.  We had a little bit of everything; clear days, some light snow and then about six to eight inches of fresh snow the last day.  I’d never skied powder of any kind before, so this was amazing.  I felt like I tested myself on this trip as well.  Sean and Brian are more advanced skiers, so being with them pushed me outside of my comfort zone.  I knew my limits, but at times I looked back at what I’d skied and thought “WOW!  I just skied that steep face!”  This was the best I’d ever skied, and I never thought I’d have even attempted moguls or a black diamond rated trail out west.  Now I can cross that off of my bucket list!  I also have to strongly recommend Ski Tracks, an app available for your phone.  It keeps track of your progress for the day, telling you how far you skied, how fast, how many vertical feet etc.  I would have never believed I could ski sixty-five miles in four days but this app was AWESOME for keeping tabs on that.

It’s been a couple of weeks since we got home but I am still smiling about this trip.  I was saying “I can’t believe we’re here” the whole time, and it really was too good to be true.  I feel like I can officially say “I’m a skier” now and that week was filled with great skiing, great company and most of all created some great memories.  I am certain we’ll go back one day, and I hope you enjoy the pictures below.  I do have one question for you though: What will you cross off your bucket list this year?

XOXO Jen Araya



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  1. Doug says:

    Great pictures! Looks like y’all had fun.

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