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March 2, 2017

What to Share and What Not to Share | Our IVF Journey

As you may have heard, last week my husband and I announced that we are pregnant and expecting our first child in June.  You can find out more details here.  We had kept this to ourselves, close family and friends up until last week on purpose.  Having a baby was a BIG goal of ours, and this journey started two and a half years ago.  We struggled to get pregnant, and had exhausted all other options before turning to IVF.  To be honest I wasn’t ready for IVF.  I wasn’t sure I was a believer, but I said to myself it was worth trying and I would have regretted not trying this option.  One of the biggest hurdles for me was preparing myself for all of the needles!

We did it together, and as a team we powered through what felt like TONS of appointments, even though it was not that bad.  As we approached the three month mark I felt more and more like I’d be ready to share, but each time we’d leave I’d say to myself “Nope, I’m in no rush!”  I was not quite ready to talk about this process, and part of me still couldn’t believe that we were finally pregnant.

We have been very fortunate so far, and have met and know other couples going through the same struggle.  If you are currently going through IVF right now, please reach out to me.  I would love to meet up and share stories and let you know YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!  There are so many of us, and I am here for SUPPORT!  I don’t know if I’ll ever be comfortable sharing all the in, outs, ups and downs of our particular journey, but I think it’s important that people have a person they can talk to if they are experiencing this wonderful (but occasionally overwhelming) process.  Take everything step by step and ask lots of questions.  I wrote everything down in a journal to track my numbers from blood work and ultrasounds, instructions on which medicines to take on specific days at certain times, you name it.  It helped me understand the process and get through all of those needles.  Again, just remember you are not alone!

Fans, I will share but this topic is special, sensitive and extremely close to the heart.  For the 22 weeks we didn’t share on social media, it was fun and enjoyable to be pregnant and only our closest people in our life knew about.  It was also a time that my husband and I were able to truly enjoy what will be some of the most cherished memories of our entire lives together.

I challenge you to reflect on what you post daily, monthly, yearly.  Some announcements are worth holding back!  It’s a moment in the past that you will not get back!

Xoxo Jen Araya

Mr Pidg making his debut!

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  1. Nancy Loncto says:

    So proud of you. Such a lady who is very thoughtful and articulate beyond measure! The best is yet to come.❤️

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