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April 12, 2017

A Pregnancy Series | Baby Pidg | Jen Araya Photography

Last week I realized that people like to see photos of people who are pregnant!  It made me think about my business and what topics/photos I post that builds that connection with my audience.  A growing belly is a point of connection.  It was mind boggling to me, but it makes sense.  I, myself enjoy seeing friends and family who are pregnant and love seeing photos of their kids.  Now with this new information that you, my audience made me realize, I will be blogging more about my pregnancy from here on out.  A disclaimer, this blog series is about my pregnancy experience.  Everyone is different and I am not an expert!

Currently I’m almost 30 weeks pregnant.  Thank you to IVF!  My body is constantly CHANGING!  Now I feel pregnant.  I have to find new ways to put on my sneakers to go on walks.  Speaking of walks, I’m walking more regularly.  Thankfully, at my full time job my team signed up for a Step Challenge.  A little competition never hurt anybody.  I feel more now than ever before, it’s important to be active for myself and Baby Pidg.  Walking is the best exercise when you are this far along in your pregnancy.  Sleeping, on the other hand, what is that?  I haven’t slept through the night since I’ve been pregnant.  I could complain about it, (which I’m not here) BUT I look at it this way, my body is ready for feedings throughout the night.  Sure I’m getting up and going to the bathroom but I’m not feeding Baby Pidg or changing a diaper yet.  I’m looking at it positively, that my body is prepping for the arrival of our baby!  I’m nesting, uncontrollably!!!  I’m not going to lie, for me it’s hard to control nesting urge and not freak out.  In the end I know not everything needs to be perfect or set up but of course who doesn’t want everything to be organized and clean before baby arrives.

One thing I have been consistently saying to others is ‘Listen to what your body is telling you!’  I’ve been fortunate so far, listening to my body and eating when it tells me to, lying down when I feel tired, taking  a walk or drinking more water.  It’s endless but I forget that I’m growing a human being in my body and it reminds me when I need something.  Listen to your body is the best advice I can give you!  My goal is to blog some updates of my IVF Pregnancy Journey until Baby Pidg arrives.  End of June will be here before we know it!  Next pregnancy blog post will be about the IVF Journey in more detail.  Enjoy a few recent photos.

Xoxo Jen Araya

Anyone who is a Game of Thrones fan will be familiar with the saying ‘ Winter is Coming’ but now that we are expecting, ‘Poop is Coming’

Sean testing the light for me!

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  1. Poop is coming, bahaha! That one made me laugh out loud!

  2. Oh my goodness, this is brilliant! I absolutely love that onesie!

  3. Misty says:

    SO exciting!!! I love this idea for a series!! I can’t wait to read all about your IVF experience!

  4. Awww, you look great!

  5. Stephanie says:

    Aww so cute!!! Congrats!!!

  6. Holly Frazier says:

    Adorable!! Can’t wait to continue following along!

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