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April 26, 2017

National Infertility Awareness Week | Our IVF Journey | Jen Araya Photography

This week is National Infertility Awareness Week.  To all of the couples struggling to conceive, you are not alone!  1 in 8 couples will struggle with infertility.  More than you think.  It’s a sensitive topic that not many people are comfortable talking about.  Today I will be sharing a few things about our IVF Journey.

What I’ve learned from going through IVF:

  • It’s a full time job! Besides meeting with your doctor (shout out to Dr. Pang at IVF New England) everything is based on your cycle.  Doesn’t matter what you have on the agenda.
  • At times they will take up to 5-7 viles of blood. Make sure to drink water before your blood-work so the nurses don’t have trouble finding a vein.
  • When the nurses call you daily, make the time to take the call. Ask any questions you have, they are EXTREMELY helpful.
  • The nurses took care of all the paperwork with the insurance. It was amazing and God bless them.  It was one aspect of the process we didn’t have to deal with.
  • Write everything down in a journal. It’s fun to look back on my numbers from my blood-work.
  • Make sure to read the medicine once it arrives and know which ones need to be refrigerated and which ones at room temperature! TRUST ME!  It will save you 2 hours on the phone with the pharmacy.
  • Make sure to watch the videos before you start the medicine.
  • Egg retrieval is the worst part of the process. The unknowns, the cramping, bloating, the surgery, etc.  It took me over a month to start feeling like myself again.
  • If you decide to do genetic testing like we did, transfer will not happen right away. It takes about 2-3 weeks to get the results, which I either didn’t hear this part or I forgot.  I was frustrated that transfer wasn’t happening right away but in the end it was all about timing.  We had to wait 2 more months because of my cycle, but it worked out for us because now I have the summer off and the best part my body healed after egg retrieval.
  • Transfer is the easiest part of the process! It’s an exciting time.
  • Make sure to ALWAYS COMMUNICATE with you partner, it’s not just about you! Your partner is feeling emotions just like you are.  Make sure to go out on dates together.  Celebrate each step of the process.
  • IVF New England is AMAZING!!!

I hope this helps anyone thinking about looking into IVF, have already started the process or are currently in the process.  Don’t be ashamed of your story; just think it could inspire others!  Just make sure you share your story when you are ready!  This took me awhile to talk about.  Things happen for a reason and you are strong!  I’m here if you ever need to talk!

Enjoy some photos taken with my camera and iPhone!

Xoxo Jen Araya

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