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June 23, 2017

Baby Pidg Due Date | June 23, 2017 | Jen Araya Photography

Dear Baby Pidg,

Today, Friday, June 23, 2017 is your due date!  We cannot wait to meet you Baby!!!  We have been calling you Baby the whole time because we don’t know who you are yet.  We have officially finished setting up your room!  Can’t wait to show it to you!  You are loved by so many family, friends and coworkers.  We wrote every single person a personalized thank you card from you, for all of the generous gifts you received.  We are still currently organizing our home for your arrival, but there will always be things to do no matter what.  Mom to be is not stressing about it either, because it’s not healthy for you or her.  Dad to be is SO EXCITED to meet you and can’t wait to hold you/us.  He talks to you pretty much every day and when he does you always let him know you’re in there.  It’s really special.  He loves the high fives and kicks.  He even reads to you sometimes.  We both can’t wait to read all of your books to you.

We are patiently waiting for your grand entrance.  We know you will come when you are ready.  Mom to be is staying busy and resting her feet when she is tired.  Listening to what you are telling her.  Dad to be is helping take care of mommy and she can’t thank him enough for taking care of BOTH of us. I still can’t believe we are nearing the end and will be meeting you soon!  Mom to be will miss your kicks, high fives, elbows to the ribs and you dancing inside her belly.  We wanted to take this time to write to you and share our journey.  Reflecting over the past 9 months Baby Pidg!

We had to visit the doctor and needed some assistance.  So we had a lot of baby in a box delivered to our home.  We had to visit the doctor’s office a lot but it was so worth it.  Mommy tried to document a lot with dad’s encouragement and support.  We took pictures monthly up until we got to the halfway point.  Then we started taking pictures weekly to track you growing.  It’s so cool to see how much and how fast you grew!!!

We love you and can’t wait to meet you!

Xoxo Mom and Dad to Be


Baby in a box!  All of our supplies to start our IVF Journey.  Big shout out to IVF New England for making our dreams come true!

Transfer Day October 4, 2016

2 weeks- we had our first bloodwork appointment to find out good or bad news.  We were VERY fortunate to find out very good news on October 17, 2016!

7 weeks- we had our first ultrasound and got to see you for the first time!  You were very tiny but we could see you.  We found out your due date at this appointment.  The best part was hearing your heartbeat!  We had lots of happy tears that day.

8 weeks

13 weeks- I missed out 12 week photograph so we got a photo at 13 weeks instead.  At this point we started sharing the good news with our closest friends and family that you, Baby Pidg would be arriving in June!

Mr Pidg making an appearance.

16 weeks – at this point I was feeling movement/flutters but didn’t know it until week 18.  You made it known that you have been moving for awhile

20 weeks- we got to see you again at our second ultrasound!  You have a cute little nose and you were moving A LOT in mommy’s belly.  You made the ultrasound technician work hard to make sure everything looked good.

21 weeks

22 weeks- we had fun in the snow at night

22+ weeks we made it public to even more friends and you had your first appearance on my photography blog.

23 weeks

24 weeks- we started painting and working on your room which is why mommy is dressed down

25/26 weeks- Daddy checking out his baby bump too

27 weeks- I attended a workshop for my photography business.  I felt this was the real start to the baby bump and your Ashland aunties got to feel you move too!

28 weeks- love my mint colored dress.  Mommy loves this color, you will learn very soon!

29 weeks- baby, you started making your appearance

30 weeks- Easter weekend and we had a heat wave.  Mommy didn’t do so well but took it easy

31 weeks- baby bump is in full force growing.  Once I entered the third trimester, you went through a HUGE growth spurt. And we celebrated my birthday!

32 weeks- hard to find clothes to fit in without buying a whole new wardrobe but mommy managed.  Happy to see a growing baby bump.  Daddy is also being silly

33 weeks- your first trip to the beach!!!    It was a bit windy and cold but we had a few things to work on at the cottage.

34 weeks- you got showered with LOTS AND LOTS of gifts!  Mommy got dressed up for you and we also celebrated Mother’s Day.

35 weeks- mommy was still photographing.  She had a corporate event in Boston and we were testing the light.  Thanks Jessica for the photo

36 weeks- Memorial Day weekend!!!  Another trip to the beach

37 weeks- you better get used to our trips down to the beach house baby and future beach bum.  This was mommy’s LAST photography event she needed to photograph and a nice person made her this shirt which says “Yes, I’m pregnant, I’m due June 23rd.  No, you may not touch my stomach.”  Random strangers would touch my belly and I didn’t like that.

38 weeks- felt like the first official beach weekend of 2017 and mommy in a bathing suit.  Not comfortable at all but managed through.

39 weeks- it’s Father’s Day weekend!  We gave daddy a nice card and chipped in on his iPad gift so we can spend more time together at the beach house while he works remotely.

40 weeks- we are hoping you make an entrance but I’m being realistic and don’t think you will be here just yet, so we will take another photo and keep busy until you are ready!  Can’t wait to meet you!!!!!

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