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August 2, 2017

Vivienne’s One Month

It’s hard to believe, but we have a one month old baby. Everyone said time would fly by and it has!  For the first two weeks I barely picked up my DSLR camera.  I did take photos with my iPhone but to me, it was WAY more important to enjoy the moments together.  I might regret it later but living in the moment is worth it to me.

The first week and a half was overwhelming and hard at times.  I would cry over everything: just looking at her, nursing her at 3am and after her doctors appointments.  It was kind of ridiculous!  Then one day I woke up and felt like myself.  At that point I turned a corner and everything was a little bit easier.  We have adjusted being a family of three.  I remind myself when I’m exhausted that the IVF shots were worth the cute snuggles.

I want us to remember all the things that have happened over the first four weeks.  Vivienne here are a few memories from month one:

  • You lets us sleep 4-6 hours during the night- thank you!
  • You started talking – baby talk
  • You have the best facial expressions
  • We know when you’re hungry
  • You have a cute little harness you wear for your hip dysplasia- a new cool accessory
  • We have endless nicknames for you!  To name a few: Vivi, angel face, squishy face
  • I’m obsessed with your wavy hair, along with everyone else who meets you
  • Watching your daddy take care of you melts my heart every time
  • The way you look up at us when we snuggle.  It’s like your afraid we are going to leave!
  • Taking you to the doctors and after one month you weigh 9lbs 15oz – a growing girl
  • You melt our hearts when you smile at us
  • The blowouts that are too impressive to get upset about (most of the time) 🙂

Here are a few of Vivienne’s favorite things:

  • She loves looking out the window, looking at light fixtures or looking up at the fans
  • She loves sleeping on her stomach on our chests
  • She loves the car
  • She’s a beach bum already!
  • She looks pretty in pink!

I still CANNOT believe that I’m a MOM and that you are our daughter!  I’m so thankful that our IVF journey worked out.  I love our little family!  We love you beautiful girl!

xoxo Jen Araya

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