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October 4, 2017

Transfer Day | IVF Journey | Jen Araya Photography

One year ago, October 4, 2016, was the day we had been waiting for: Transfer Day!  This day was something I would ALWAYS think about, and it was just getting us one step closer to becoming pregnant.  This day also had a lot of what if’s.  What if it doesn’t work the first time?  What if I miscarry?  What if I get pregnant?  What if we have to do this multiple times and it STILL doesn’t work?  What if I never get pregnant?  What if they had to thaw out multiple eggs?  So many worries!

Luckily it was like the stars had aligned for us, it was meant to be.  We had a relaxing morning, I believe our appointment was around noon time.  On our way to the appointment we stopped at Starbucks so I could get my usual drink, Strawberry Acai refresher (I don’t like coffee) and then made our way to IVF New England.  The reason we stopped for the drink is that you need to have a full bladder for this procedure.  We went over all of the paperwork and what you can and cannot eat just in case you are pregnant.  I took 2 days off from work for our Transfer.  I could have gone back to work the next day but I wanted to take it easy.  They say to go back to your normal everyday life, but I took the extra day JUST IN CASE!

It is not until you arrive at your appointment that you find out how many eggs have been thawed, and you just hope it’s only one or possibly two at most.  We were very thankful to hear that in our case it was just one.  Like all medical procedures, they double and triple check your bracelet and make sure they have the right information.  Once that was confirmed, off we went!  It was really cool to see it all happening on the screen.  I will say this, Transfer is the easiest procedure in the IVF process.  Besides being uncomfortable from not being able to pee for a length of time, it was a breeze.

Fast forward a year, and our daughter is here and 14 weeks old!  It’s so crazy to reflect and look back at this time last year.  We feel very lucky that we had a successful transfer, and haven’t taken that for granted for even a minute.  It’s funny to think about, but before I was married I told myself if I couldn’t get pregnant that I would never do IVF.  When you’re at a fork in the road and you have to make a decision to try IVF or not, what do you do?  It’s a tough decision.  I did not want to have shots every day BUT I would have regretting not trying.  If any of you are trying and having trouble, or wondering if it’s right for you, I would absolutely say go for it based on our experience.   I felt like it would have been a HUGE “what if” to add to that list above if I didn’t.

Happy 1 year Transfer anniversary!  To be able to celebrate with our 14 week old daughter is something pretty special that I will never forget!!!

*Note – Most of these photos were taken with my iPhone*

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  1. libby says:

    Sean and Jen,
    These are just such beautiful, special pictures. Much love to you both – well, all 3 of you! These are just so special.
    Love, Mom-Libby

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