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March 15, 2018

Vivienne’s Eighth Month

If I had to describe Vivienne’s eighth month in one word, I would say mobile.  She is on the move!!!  She has been pushing herself backwards and almost/is crawling.  Sean says no but I say yes,  we have a crawler.  So I’m sure next month I will share that she’s all over the place.  She is now but it’s more centralized, circles and moving backwards.  She has gotten up on all fours and doing yoga and planks. 

This past month things have changed, as I know they will change again and will continue too.  You’re getting up more in the middle of the night.  I think teething is the reason why.  You are growing and progressing as you should be.  You’re a smart little girl! We celebrated your first Valentine’s Day!  Check out the cool balloon Sean got us.

I want us to remember all the things that have happened over the past four weeks.  Vivienne, here are a few memories from month eight:

  • Still teething!  Still waiting for more teeth to appear any time now.  The top two you can tell are on their way but not quite there yet
  • You’re eating more solids!  Up to three meals a day!
  • Clapping – whenever we say ‘yay’ you startclapping
  • Your high pitched screams make me smile and laugh.  I know one day I may not think that, but for now I enjoy them
  • Sitting up in the tub and playing with your toys.  You don’t like it when I have to rinse the soup out of your hair, but were working on that
  • You started waving
  • When you smile your nose scrunch is the best thing I’ve ever seen
  • You are doing planks and yoga poses
  • You have crawled backwards and have taken the first attempt at going forward.  I know in a short time,  you will be on the move!
  • You are more vocal.  I swear you have said mom mom mom or mam mam ma
  • You are NOT a fan of getting back in the car when we run errands

Here are a few of Vivienne’s favorite things:

  • Love playing peek a boo
  • Love strolling around in your stroller
  • You love your new Mickey Mouse!

Vivienne, you are a little girl now, not a baby.  Growing up too fast!  Love you!

Xoxo Jen Araya

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