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April 16, 2018

Emily Ley | The Story of You | Baby Book | Jen Araya Photography

While I was out on maternity leave, I came across Emily Ley’s “The Story of You” baby book.  Emily Ley has an amazing planner that I have used over the past four years.  I love her planner and her products!  I was on the hunt to find the best baby book for me.  I didn’t purchase a baby book nor was one gifted to me which worked out well.  I found a baby book that didn’t feel like it was a hassle to fill out.  So I took a chance and order it.  It was the best decision!

What I like best about this baby book is that it’s simple but highlights all of the major milestones.  We could fill in our predictions on how much Baby Pidg would weigh, length, colored hair and eyes, etc.  Highlights from our baby shower.  You can write a letter to your unborn baby which I did on my blog which you can read here.  Funny fact, I wrote this letter to Baby Pidg before purchasing the baby book.  Because of this book I now keep track of any highlights Vivienne does every month.  I make sure to take pictures each month.  This is a task that I’m EXCITED to do!  It makes me happy.  I will be so happy  down the road that I took the time to fill this out each month.  Let’s be honest, every couple of months, but it does get updated! 

If you are looking for a baby book, please check out this one.  It’s worth the money and I have no regrets on this purchase.  I’m a huge fan!

Xoxo Jen Araya

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  1. Meg Fiori says:

    Jen, thank you so much for this recommendation! I love how this baby book is organized. I am going to order this book for baby girl and also the big boy book for my son! FYI, I started following Emily Ley and you can save 10% off with code BBK10%OFF at checkout!

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