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April 17, 2018

Welcoming the Mid-30’s | Happy Birthday To Me | Jen Araya Photography

Well, the day has finally come and I’ve turned 34 years old today!  I’ve officially hit the mid-30’s.  SAY WHAT!!!  As I reflect on my 33rd year, it’s been the highlight of my life.  LOTS of change over the past year.  All good stuff!  The best part is Vivienne is here to celebrate too!

Below are the top five biggest reflections from this past year:

  1. I’m a mom – cross that off the bucket list.  Best decision of my life! 
  2. I’m a working mom – I don’t care what anyone says, it’s a hard job!  They say it gets easier but I have to disagree.  You get used to it and it’s a new routine, and I take finding that balance day by day which leads to
  3. My ability to find a balance – between my business, life, working a full time job and a baby – fitting in swim lessons, meal prepping, running errands, cleaning, and organizing.  The list goes on and on.  Still trying to simplify tasks and streamline everything.
  4. I’m currently rebranding my website – I CANNOT wait to finalize this and actually have a working, functional website that will reflect me!
  5. Finding time to take care of myself – SO HARD!!!  You put everything and everyone else first but when you’re not feeling good, it’s ten times harder to take care of someone else.  I’ve learned the hard way that I need to put myself first.  It’s so easy to put Vivienne first, which is why this one can be such a struggle.  I recently realized I was home a lot and needed a Target run by myself.  We didn’t need anything but it was something I wanted to do for me.  Who doesn’t love shopping at Target except for our wallets? 

Today, I will be celebrating life!  It’s a gift.  You only live once.  So I’m going to say, “hi #34, it’s nice to meet you” and I’m going to rock it this year!  I’m going to own being 34 and just enjoy life.  This past year was an exciting one and I cannot wait to see what is in store this coming year.  Raise your glass and cheers to entering the mid 30’s!

xoxo Jen Araya

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