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June 21, 2018

Vivienne’s Eleventh Month

We are getting closer and closer to Vivienne walking in her eleventh month.  She has been standing in her crib and pack n play.  She’s also standing up and letting go for decent time periods.  When she realizes she’s doing it, she chickens out and sits.  She holds our hands and walks.  She did take her first official step while the three of us were home the night before Mother’s Day.  One of my biggest fears is missing out on these big milestones, BUT she knows.  Vivienne knew mommy and daddy were home and she took a step and half for us.  That’s my girl!

Vivienne continues to say hi and go back and forth.  She now says “this.”  She is understanding words and actions.  She can high five!  She’s getting into everything, constantly keeping us on our toes.

Sean had a great idea and put her hair in pigtails and she looks SO CUTE!  We call it Daddy’s Salon.  She does this duck face which just makes you laugh!

I want us to remember all the things that have happened over the past four weeks.  Vivienne, here are a few memories from month ten:

  • Still teething! No new teeth yet, still got 5 so far.
  • You say “Hi” all of the time. It’s now a game.   We go back and forth with each other saying hi
  • You’re cruising all over the place, soon we won’t be able to keep up with you
  • You laugh when we laugh
  • You still LOVE your food!
  • You love climbing up on things
  • Your duck face was hard to capture with my camera but I finally got it and it makes me laugh all of the time I see it.
  • Walking while holding our hands. Your  legs are getting stronger to walk soon
  • You stand up in your crib and pack n play. One time I saw you jumping in your crib.
  • You do this lip smacking which sounds like a kiss sometimes
  • You say hi when we are on the phone
  • Pigtails are to DIE FOR, SO FREAKING CUTE!!!

Here are a few of Vivienne’s favorite things:

  • You love READING books! Mommy and Daddy have memorized a few of your favorite books
  • You love your shoes
  • You love to drink water out of your sippy cup

I know I keep saying it but time is absolutely flying by.  You are a young little girl now, I can’t believe you are almost one.  Mommy may not stop crying.  I love you!

Xoxo Jen Araya

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