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July 12, 2018

Vivienne’s Twelfth Month

I can’t believe my baby is 12 months old.  Where did the time go??  Before I dive into the updates, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for reading her monthly blog posts.  I’ve gotten a lot of feedback and everyone loves reading her updates.  I don’t know what I’ll be doing after 12 months, but I will figure out something that will work.  It was a LOT of work but I do not regret taking weekly photos of my baby for her first year.  It was worth it!  Do I think I’ll still take weekly photos, let’s be honest, probably not.  But monthly yes!  Now onto the good stuff…

We have a walker!  She is walking more and more every day.  It’s so fun to see how excited she gets when we applaud her when she goes for a long time.  I’m super happy and secretly hoping her hips from the hip dysplasia are good too.  She is progressing as she should and learning so much!  She knows where her tummy is and what her shoes and feet are.  I ask her where is your tummy and she pulls her shirt or touches it.  She can still eat her footsies which she hasn’t done in a while.  Whenever you say her name, she sticks her tongue out hehe.

I want us to remember all the things that have happened over the past four weeks.  Vivienne, here are a few memories from month ten:

  • Still teething! You got your 6th tooth!  YAY!
  • You of course still love to eat, now you are taking bites all by yourself
  • You love to have legitimate conversations with people, sing and scream
  • You visited mommy and daddy at work at the beginning of the month, everyone loved seeing you
  • You celebrated your first Memorial Day weekend at the beach
  • You curly Q’s – you definitely got mama’s hair for sure
  • You love playing on your new water table
  • You laugh whenever you hear someone sneeze or cough
  • You love the beach- first time you put your hand in the sand and ate it. The next time you picked up a rock and tried to eat it.  Hopefully next time you won’t eat any of it
  • You make it known when you are upset or not getting your way
  • You love your shoes- sometimes you get so excited you want to hold them and won’t let us put them on

Here are a few of Vivienne’s favorite things:

  • You LOVE your ride-along car ride toy, especially with Grampy/Abuelo
  • You LOVE the beach. The hot sand, freezing cold water, nothing phases you.  That’s my girl!  We are going to spend a lot of time at the beach so I’m super happy you like it so far
  • You love your shoes and get excited when we put them on you because we are going outside which you love!

Vivienne, I can’t believe you are one year old.  You’re a little girl!  You will always be my baby and I’m super happy I’m your mommy.  We have so much fun together.  I do want time to slow down, but I’m excited to see you grow and learn!

xoxo Jen Araya

50 Weeks – this is a family tradition to see on the duck at the beach house!

51 Weeks and Happy Father’s Day!

52 Weeks/12 Months/1 Year – I forgot the blocks I usually use.

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  1. Linda Barry says:

    Oh my gosh I love that photo of her in the beach house! these are all wonderful! Us ending Lily’s monthly photos is what led us to our “Day In the Life” project!

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