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A photographer, new mom, entrepreneur, adventurer, girlboss who has an obsession with the beach, champagne, and the color mint. I’m half Costa Rican with a Latina flare. Grab a glass of champagne, some candy (my favorite) and enjoy!

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July 31, 2018

I was really excited but nervous to plan Vivienne’s first birthday.  My full time job was on high demand for a while which is fine but that meant other things needed to be put on hold.  I had just photographed a big event for One Mission.  I was excited to plan her birthday party but […]

September 7, 2017

Happy 4th Wedding Anniversary to my husband!!  I can’t believe it’s been four years since we said I do at our beach, Humarock.  Every year we now take photographs together at the exact spot we read our vows to each other, but this year we had our daughter with us, yay! This past year has […]

July 8, 2016

As most of you know I love the beach which means I love summer!  The 4th of July is my favorite time of the year especially at Humarock Beach.  The 3rd of July is the big night down there with bonfires and fireworks on the beach.  Best night ever!  I mean, how can you go wrong with […]

May 25, 2016

Hey Jen! Yes you, the one working the full time job, running a business on the side and balancing your time with family and friends.  Stop making excuses and just do it!  Less talk and more actions.  Yes Jen that is what I said!  Stop being the one who is constantly struggling and second guessing […]

August 23, 2015

Two years ago today I was getting my hair and makeup done with my bridesmaids.  We rented a huge house so everyone could get ready in one place, guys downstairs and girls upstairs.  One of the many memorable moments that day was when Sean came upstairs to see me blindfolded.  It was so exciting to […]